Brand new art for 2014! Hawaiian Hearts! Here is Hawaiian Paradise, Plumeria Love, and Hibiscus My Heart!

Hawaiian Paradise Heart by Rochelle Carr


Plumeria Love Heart by Rochelle Carr


Hibiscus My Heart By Rochelle Carr

Dr. Nicholas Mast – Anterior Version – St. Francis Memorial Hospital



Dr. James Huddleston – Posterior Version – Stanford Hospital


One more – Hip Resurfacing and one more opinion


“Must HAVE” book before and especially after ANY surgery. I notated all my medicines and timing on this book. It’s useful for any procedure in the hospital. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1402780583/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Compression stockings (wear for three/four weeks – not sexy at all) for after surgery so no blood clots. I bought extra from the two pair you receive in the hospital. This is the same brand they use at hospital. At first week or two you will need help putting these on. It’s a challenge – they are tight! I use these whenever I fly around the world on any flight.


It’s hard to bend down with leg extended after surgery. These bathroom tools helped me A LOT. The mat is for comfort (but not a must do). I couldn’t lift my leg normally the first week and its just the awkward tentative movements that made me feel unsafe in the shower. For the toilet seat lift, (measure your seat width) and if the side bars on the toilet extender are too tight – order the one without handles. I liked the one with handles as I would use them to lower myself late at night. I know this seems silly to talk about bathroom assistance devices, but it really helps with pain management. This company delivers. Have this at home BEFORE surgery. I found out the hard way and had to wait a few days for delivery. The plastic shower chair is awesome. http://www.ableforlife.com/Bathroomsafety.html

If you would like to see what happens in/during the surgery I found a YouTube video that is done very well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=9kmXTQewBeI

Why choose Anterior vs. Posterior? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFsirKcsAos

Surprise path to better sex after hip surgery? by the New York Times: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/08/surprise-path-to-better-sex-hip-surgery/?_r=0

Must buy roll on Vitamin E for scar post surgery: http://natures-gate.com/Shop/Item?Product=45177440&withLinks=1&category=302

Definitely download or buy these Belleruth Naparstek meditation affirmations/music before and after any type of surgery from Kaiser free download or on amazon buy a CD.

Any questions please email me below, or see my first post on hip replacement surgery, and second post, and third post. After surgery visit my new travel blog at Urban Backpacker’s – Worldwide guide to urban travel by Rochelle Carr. I am doing so well after hip replacement surgery I am traveling the world and blogging about amazing places! Hip Hip HOORAY!


(and yes this BRILLIANT CEO for Modria SCOTT CARR) is my partner! MODRIA, we celebrate you! Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

Modria Closes New Investment Round to Fuel Expansion

Jul 08, 2013, by Colin Rule

Foundry Group leads $5M Series A investment round and J. Scott Carr joins as
CEO to drive Modria’s growth

SAN JOSE, July 8, 2013 – Modria today announced it has closed a $5 million dollar Series A investment round led by Foundry Group. As part of Modria’s expansion, J. Scott Carr has joined Modria as president and CEO. The Modria platform is the leading online dispute resolution system in the world, enabling businesses and government agencies of any size to resolve customer problems swiftly and fairly. Its proven, scalable cloud-based technology brings all parties involved in a dispute to the table quickly and efficiently, enabling them to arrive at an equitable solution that reduces cost and increases customer brand loyalty.

Colin Rule, co-founder of Modria, wrote the seminal book on online dispute resolution for business (Online Dispute Resolution for Business, published in 2003). He and the core Modria team built the only resolution system to operate at scale, resolving 60 million eBay and PayPal cases a year. In 2011, Rule spun-out of eBay to start Modria, building the next generation resolution platform to address customer issues for business and governments of all sizes. The creator of online dispute resolution, Ethan Katsh, serves as the Chair of Modria’s Board of Advisors.

“Companies like eBay have long known the importance of converting disputes into fair and swift outcomes as a means of growing their business. Now, businesses in other sectors, from insurance companies to healthcare and government agencies, are climbing on board,” said Colin Rule, COO and Chairman of the Board of Modria. “Foundry’s investment in Modria is further evidence of how important this space is. Bringing Scott Carr, a proven executive with a solid track record growing web companies, on board as our CEO ensures that we will grow the company quickly, responsibly and with extreme customer focus.”

Foundry joins an impressive roster of leading angel investors in supporting Modria’s growth, including Kapor Capital (Mitch Kapor), EDVenture Holdings (Esther Dyson), and Dan Ciporin (former Chairman and CEO of Shopping.com), as well as institutional investors Battery Ventures and Advanced Technology Ventures.

“With the explosion of online activities, people are transacting at a rate never before seen,” said Jason Mendelson, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Foundry Group. “This obviously includes ecommerce, but also includes everyday tasks like paying bills online, reviewing property assessments, filing insurance claims, and other things that used to be non-digital activities. It is inevitable that all of these new transactions will generate an enormous amount of disputes that need to be resolved. We believe Modria’s rare combination of deep dispute resolution expertise and proven technology positions them for both short and long-term success.”

Along with the capital infusion, Modria has added Scott Carr to the executive team as CEO. Carr spent the last 15 years leading businesses where trust and transparency were key ingredients of the product value proposition. Carr was president and CEO of YottaMark, a leader in product traceability and supply chain analytics, and EVP of marketing and business development at Digimarc, a leader in content security and identification technologies.

“Complaints and disputes are a fact of life in the networked economy, from online marketplaces to online banking,” said Scott Carr, president and CEO. “They happen hundreds of millions of times a year. What has been missing is a solution that delivers fair resolutions for all these disputes. The Modria platform solves this problem with a scalable, transparent system that provides appropriate resolution processes for every kind of dispute, leveraging software-only and human-powered processes as needed. It’s the first step toward a future in which companies and customers around the world settle their disputes amicably outside the overburdened court system.”

The Modria platform is based on more than a decade of research in online conflict resolution. It combines deep knowledge of legal processes with a scalable and reliable toolset in the cloud. Modria flags and diagnoses customer issues quickly and drives effective negotiation, mediation and arbitration before complaints can disrupt a business and bubble up in social media. Its underlying methodology has been used to successfully settle more than 400 million customer issues.

The Modria platform can handle any caseload, big or small, anywhere and anytime. It is in use today, supporting government and commercial caseloads in the US, Canada, and Europe. The Modria Diagnosis module collects and organizes all the relevant information about the issue and suggests possible solutions. The Negotiation module distills points of contention and enables the parties to discuss the matter directly and on the record.

If the parties are unable to resolve the issue through negotiation, the Mediation module provides an impartial third party to help clarify issues and brainstorm options. If no mutual agreement can be reached, the Arbitration module lets the parties select a decision maker who examines the facts and renders a decision. Throughout the entire process, users can engage in transparent, secure discussions and submit rich assets such as documents and videos supporting their arguments.

About Modria:
Founded in 2011, Modria’s team of technologists, and legal and dispute resolution experts are building the dispute resolution platform for the Internet, providing businesses and government agencies of any size with a scalable and transparent cloud-based platform to diagnose and resolve disputes of all sizes. Modria’s experts created the technology used by eBay and PayPal that has solved hundreds of millions of cases. The company is privately held and based in San Jose, CA. Find more information at http://www.modria.com or email info@modria.com.

CONTACT: Scott Carr, scott@modria.com, 408.295.5003

Yes We Can by Rochelle Carr Happy Birthday USA!

“YES WE CAN” painting by Rochelle Carr copyright 2009. All rights reserved.




Happy Feet by Rochelle Carr










Legs perched up towards the sky, drink in hand, napa valley vines and a white farm in view. I was shooting photos on my 50th birthday like there would be no tomorrow. Luckily, there was a new tomorrow, and I am now ready to travel further after the hip is fixed. That trip was so much fun! This is one of my favorite photos of the day. It was a mistake, quite a laugh, and I ended up loving it. I am not a foot person. Yet, I am a person that loves the person attached to these feet. There was just something mysterious and beautiful and soft about the surroundings. Auberge du Soleil Napa is a must do once in a lifetime treat.


Buddha by Rochelle Carr

I have decided to write a book about my beloved San Francisco. I am now a tourist in my city taking photographs and writing poetry. I began last week at Coit Tower, Italian American Museum of SF and here at the Japanese Tea Gardens. An 88 year old woman “Asako” at my dentist office just happened to speak fluent Japanese and helped me finish the first Haiku with an appropriate fit. What a delightful and synchronistic day!


Three Haiku


Buddha he sits there

In Japanese Tea Garden

Odayaka na


A spirit happy

Carries laughter on the face

Share the world your smile


Floating lily shine

On the water late in spring

Dream cherry blossom



Copyright 2013 by Rochelle Carr. All rights reserved.








Conch Shells by Rochelle Carr copy









A few years ago I traveled to Virgin Gorda. The house we stayed in was beautiful, yet not much to do if you didn’t own a sail boat. We shot photos the entire time of statues and knick knacks and place mats and fish in the pond. We swam and chased off the many mosquitos. The infinity pool was so beautiful and these shells have become a favorite lasting memory. I wanted to think about the blue (not show the true blueness) of the sky and water. Oh how I love sepia and black and white. It surely makes a statement.


Tres Fontina by Rochelle Carr







I have a new camera. I have a new hip and am back to work after seven weeks of healing. I am writing a new book of poetry about San Francisco and the Bay Area including my new photography. Each week I travel to a new destination to uncover new treasures that I never knew existed here. I am a tourist and an explorer. I will share my imagery along the way. I love my city!

My 50th birthday was spent here in Napa wandering through olive trees, grape vines, and sculptures with my camera. The spa day was lovely. Everyone should be spoiled on their 50th year!

Drumstick 1






“The Beat Goes On” stick sculptures by Rochelle Carr

Last night was lovely in San Francisco. Enjoyed a nice dinner with a new artist friend at Plouf. Window shopped, enjoyed the streets of my new favorite city and watched the drag queens ice skating in full costume at Union Square. LOVED THAT moment. Made me giggle and smile while secretly admiring the incredible “ice throw arabesque” move from the beautiful tall man in full white ballerina attire.

At dinner we wandered into the subject of sticks and sculpture. Kind of an artful place to be in the middle of a nice glass of vino about to merge with the sea bass. I excitedly shared pics I’d just found of a grand stick sculpture on exhibition in Rome, Italy called “Big Bambu” by Mike and Doug Starn. It’s magnificent. It’s athletic and built by 15 American and 10 Italian rock climbers. It’s a Bamboo MASTERPIECE. Essentially, its an amazing grown up gargantuan game of “pick-up-sticks” crafted and sculpted with big sticks of BAMBOO. Public art at it’s finest. Witness this organic piece of stick wonder at my new favorite art/design/architecture website designboom at: http://www.designboom.com/art/mike-and-doug-starn-big-bambu-at-macro-in-rome/. Truly a MAGICAL piece of architecture!

Further down the street meandering a bit more……what were we to stumble upon in the beautifully dressed up GUMPS windows??? More sticks and sculpture! Standing drum stick sculpture holiday window joy. Twas a lovely “artfelt” night of stick sculptures, ice dances and big hearts in San Francisco.

And the BEAT GOES ON……..


Drumstick 2













Mama’s Restaurant BEST EATS in San Francisco!


I don’t even want to share this place with you. I am hesitant, because if I do, the “people line” will be longer and longer and I might just have to start waiting at 6:00am in the morning (instead of 7:30am) just so I can eat here again. My little sister just spoke at a conference last week in San Francisco and schooled me on giving, getting, and sharing JOY…….so here goes. I guess I’ll share. Here’s a whole lotta good FOOD and a whole lotta JOY!

We walked to North Beach early last Saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny, and glorious morning. We walked past my favorite Elvis poetry on the sidewalk. We walked past my favorite Italian red, white and green painted on the lamp posts, and we walked past the park. We walked and talked. Feeling a tad parched after my morning latte, I remembered another gander we had shared last August when I noticed a hot breakfast spot with a line wrapped around the block and wondered if it was still there?? Long lines of people mean excellent food.

It was 7:30am in the morning and when we walked closer I could see there just might be a chance we could be one of the lucky early bird line waiters eager to try this incredible mystery breakfast extravaganza. We talked more. We talked and waited patiently until 8am when it opened and we made it in! YES! The wait was now an hour and a half. You line up more inside, gaze at all the mouth watering sour creaminess of pastry bakery love, then you order your breakfast at the cashier and PRAY for table space as you watch as the “others” in line before you are served their breakfast of champions. Then gratefully, you sit, and then you eat. Oh BABY how well you eat.

Two eggs cooked to perfection, five strips of soft bacon, warm blueberry sour cream pastry love, iced tea, and two perfectly not too plump pancakes (a gift from Mike Mama’s grandson) with Olallieberry homemade jam….OH MY GOD it was good! BERRY HELLA GOOD!

While ordering, we chatted with Mamas grandson Mike about the family restaurant’s 60 year history and their love of food. The large soda jerk menus from long ago still grace the restaurant walls. He remembers being at the restaurant early mornings (when he was five) and would help crack eggs when he couldn’t even reach the counter. He would ride with his dad to watch him bake at 3am and then fall asleep at the restaurant. He points to his uncle waiting tables and he points to other family folks giggling and cooking up our morning fare all the while remembering memories of their own.

I did not walk out of Mama’s that morning after my amazing breakfast. I jumped! I jumped with a whole lotta FOOD JOY!

Thank you Mama Sanchez and thank you Mikey for the BEST pancake and berry goodness I’ve had in ten years. You rock my breakfast world.





The collage above is my newest self portrait created with several types of paper, an old heart earring my sister and brother gave me, pieces of an old love letter, a card my mother gave me when my grandmother was dying, paper from my own poetry book  with hearts on it, an Italian stamp I had saved for years, an old fortune cookie, Picasso art card, red flower, sparkling silver stars, a wand for magic, and a window to open and see something beautiful. Oh how life has so many layers and layers of story and keepsakes. What a treasured memory for my art portfolio. Enjoy!

Theresa Weil’s collage Studio: http://www.tweil.com/










Buon Giorno!

After a year and a half of paperwork, research, historical archives, meetings with the Italian Consulate, purchasing extended family members birth, marriage and death certificates, apostilles, notaries, exemplifications, and translations…yesterday, Jan 25th 2012 (our middle daughters 22nd birthday), I received my paperwork that I have been recognized as an Italian Citizen in the town of Bisceglie where my Great Great Great Grandfather Mauro Zingarelli and my Great Great Grandfather Donato Zingarelli and my Great Grandfather Antonio Zingarelli were all born. My birth certificate, my divorces and my marriages(I have had three) are also now registered there. However unimportant, my name is now written beside the story of our Italian ancestors.

For as long as I can remember, I was raised appreciating Italian culture and food. My dear Gram (who was Italian only by marriage to my most handsome grandfather Charles Zingarelli) had Italian flags, canisters of pasta, figs with almonds or walnuts, red and orange biscotti cans, amaretto, anisette, and everything breathing red green and white in her living room. They made homemade red wine and Italian sausage in their garage. We ate, we laughed, we talked loud, we hugged, we drank, we ate more…The pulse of Italian in my blood was the only culture I identified with even though I’m hesitant to divulge we have bits of French, Irish, Scottish and my father still believes we covet a tiny part Cherokee Indian (from his mothers side).

Although I have traveled the world, I have been traveling to Italy (mainly Roma) once or twice a year for the past 15-20 years. It is the only place on the planet I feel totally at home in my own skin. Someday, I dream to live there on a more “full time” basis. Yet today my heart aches to breathe in the history in Rome, meet my friends for dinner, eat the best gelato on the planet, touch the old doors, stand in front of a Caravaggio, paint with my art mentor, and walk the tiny town that was founded on my birthday looking to find myself an art studio…..or perhaps find myself a new apartment?

Today, I am thankful my nephew Zachary wants to be an Italian citizen as badly as I do. I owe it to him that our citizenship is more than just a pipe dream. Thank you my sweet nephew for cheering me on!

Today, I am proud. Proud to have my ITALIAN papers. Proud I carry such history inside myself. Proud to be a ZINGARELLI. Viva l’Italia!





“Shades of Blue” by Rochelle Carr Studio and Gallery

sculpture, acrylic, gold leaf on canvas


I feel so fortunate to have sold “Shades of Blue” the second large painting sold in Jan 2012. What a blessing. Thank you so much for appreciating the art and creativity that inspires me and paints me BLUE. ~~RMC






Shades of Blue 

Poetry by Rochelle Carr

It wasn’t the water in this painting I had seen at first glance,

Nor the width or breadth of the blueness in our lives.

It was the color blue

in waterfall form,

that made much more sense

when tilted in the opposite direction

while speaking ten different hues.

Blue month, blue fervor, blue love.

True blue

for you my darling,

oceans deep,

loving you,

in shades of blue.


fine art by Rochelle Carr Studio and Gallery

sculpture, acrylic on canvas



“Dance the Night Away With Me #5”   by Rochelle Carr Studio and Gallery

sculpture, acrylic, resin on canvas



This is my second painting in 2012. I am painting about 6 hours nonstop a day preparing for my solo exhibition Jan 23rd, 2012 at NH2 Salon and Gallery in Novato California. There will be 26 paintings on display until April 6th. Follow Your Heart Poetry books and greeting cards are for sale as well. Over 4000 sqft. of my artwork! Please drop by and ask for a tour! A variety of imagery to delight you. ENJOY!

Thank you Nina and Nicole!

208 Vintage Way # K29  Novato, CA 94945
(415) 897-8777

   Just for a moment I wish I could travel back in time to visit the Greenwich studio of artist Robert Motherwell. I am filled with great admiration and respect for Motherwell’s fine art and the role he played, along with many dedicated hard working artists changing the importance of Art in America and placing “Abstract Expressionism” firmly on the map. These incredible artists, without knowing it, paved the way for artists of today.

I wish my studio was extremely tall and wide so I could stretch out a magnificent grand white canvas (much larger than my current works) and create something new Robert Motherwell might be proud of. The following paintings I created this year are my way of paying tribute to such an important talented artist, philosopher and poet. I make use of some of his favorite colors: ultramarine blue, white, black and yellow ochre. Robert Motherwell…….these paintings are for you.

Please watch the dvd “Robert Motherwell & The New York School: Storming the Citadel” a film by Catherine Tatge


Follow Your Heart Promote Your Art!
Brand Creation: What kind of artist are you?

Most artists have a genre or type of art that they enjoy and they focus intently on that given direction and medium. They may dabble, play, study and enjoy adventuring in one medium, or decide they would rather try many new forms of art before deciding on one certain focus. Any methods for exploring your own art (is perfect) and it doesn’t matter which path you take unless you think it does. You are on your own unique artistic path! Relax, let go, face the fear and give yourself permission. There is no failure here.

Some artists shift and grow into a new level of confidence with their artistic selves and will eventually feel ready to market and sell their artwork. In my opinion, part of this process is to create a personal “title or branding story” and share it with the world.

Obviously, if you enjoy yourself as an artist at home without creating a business venture out of it – the need for brand creation and title is not as important, yet might possibly create a more focused learning environment if you know and “named” what your intentions are. Are you drawing, painting, singing writing? Are you a crafter or enjoying the visual arts? What is it that speaks to you strongly? Are you a painter, photographer, ceramicist or printmaker? Make it up. Research what you do.

Have fun with the naming process! Feel it out for a few days and see if your new title sounds like a true fit. Think of it as trying on new clothes: “When it looks good it feels good and when it feels good it looks good!” What is your title and how would you describe yourself to the world?? Does it resonate? Please remember, if it’s not fun – don’t do it.

After trying on many forms of art (the past 20 years) I have decided and delightfully discovered that I enjoy dabbling, learning and pushing the boundaries into landscape and portrait painting. I am an Abstract Expressionist at heart with the spirits of Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol sprinkled inside my vibrant colors and universal symbolism. It’s nice to sit at a dinner table with new friends (when my partner says he is the CEO of a food traceability company) for me to say I am an abstract expressionist! My name and discovered artist title is just the beginning of my own personal branding story.

For those interested, I found an art website sharing different types/genres of art and might help with creating your own personal brand and title: http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/art-types.htm.

“Art has a voice – let it speak.” ~~RMC

Copyright 2010 by Rochelle Carr. All rights reserved.

Follow Your Heart – Promote Your Art!
You Are An Artist If You Believe You Are!

How many times do people out there ask themselves: “What am I? Am I an artist? Am I creative? Am I just into crafting? Am I a painter? Doodler? Illustrator? Designer? Am I just fooling around? Can I possibly be an artist if I can only find the time to create art between kids, work and family life twice a week? Am I am artist if I did not go to art school? Am I an artist if I am self taught? Am I an artist if I do not sell my art? Am I an artist if I am not with gallery representation?”

Well my friends, the answer is yes! You are an artist if you believe you are! Just two little words: I believe! Whoop! Whoop! Say it: “I am an artist!” That’s all there is to it. No grand pubah out there is telling you that you are not good enough to be an artist. No one has that right anywhere on this planet. We are all the same. We are all connected. Grant yourself the permission to be an artist. You are an artist if you believe you are!

SO…YOU are an artist now. What are you going to create with all of that lovely newfound knowledge believing in your new artist self? What is deep in there just waiting to climb out into your perfect chosen medium? How will you express it? What does it say? What does it mean? How does it feel this new you? What color is it? Will you sit? Will you stand? DO you need tools to make it beautiful?

Art is inside you. You can make a mark on a paper bag and crinkle it up and I will call it incredible fabulous art if you do! Start small, start grand just start! Follow your heart and you shall see, just how happy art can be! Congratulations! Celebrate the artfulness in you.

“Art has a voice – let it speak.” ~~RMC

Copyright 2010 by Rochelle Carr. All rights reserved.

“Art has a voice – let it speak.”~~RMC

It’s my belief that the space and feel of where art finds a home (whether in business, houses or exhibitions) is extremely important. The energy of the people and the new art’s surrounding environment will enable the art to “feel” alive and “enhance” it’s new home.

If there is passion and appreciation of a certain works – it will sell more quickly, or find itself highly respected in it’s new environment – regardless of whether or not that place is a museum or a business or a residence. There is truth to the art of Feng Shui (http://www.thespiritualfengshui.com/feng-shui-in-home.php) with the balance of placement, color, and the elements.

Each piece of art on this planet is sacred and special (when an artist creates the art) or when someone chooses to buy it or place it in their world. It is an incredible gift and exchange of life energy.

As a fine artist, I am humbled and honored to feel my work appreciated by another human being. I am intentional about solo exhibitions (where my art is placed) and often times assist with installation of my purchased artwork in the new environments. I donate many works of art because I can and because I feel it’s important to give. People choose my artwork because of the vibrancy of colors, and the way they “feel” about a certain painting. Shouldn’t art in business environments also consider the feeling and colors and people and things that inhabit the space? The money part can always be figured out. Isn’t art all about what speaks to you? “Art has a voice – let it speak.”~~RMC

Abstract expressionist and author of Follow Your Heart Poetry: http://www.rochellecarr.com

Copyright 2010 by Rochelle Carr. All rights reserved.

“Summer’s Eve” Painting by Rochelle Carr
The twenty-second of September rang in the first day of fall – one of my favorite seasons!  Cool crisp days, sweaters, beautiful changing leaves and scenery, children excited to be back in school, parents excited for quieter days, and a chance to breathe from summer adventure and travel. 
My abstract fine art works, Summer’s Eve, speaks a wistful goodbye to summer.  The iridescent paint changes color as you walk side to side in front of this piece – the season is changing, the leaves are changing, and the feeling of the year is changing. My life would be abnormal without constant change. You will find this ever so present in my fine art. 
I love it as the year morphs and the seasons come and go.  I so enjoy summer and sunshine, the lightness of being, the dreaming, the travel, the water, the late night dinners, the friends, the family, BBQs, excitement, and constant commitments. Ours is a highly functioning abundant life. I am so thankful and blessed, and I will often just pinch myself to make sure it’s all real. 

I appreciate winter (but not my favorite season) the holidays, the family, the bonding and the magic. I do still believe in Santa.  I adore spring (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SEASON) the rebirth, babies everywhere, the renewed energy, the garden, and my hands in the soil. Yet for some reason, I find I am always ready for the calm and peaceful feeling that comes with fall.  Fall graces the world in a warm blanket of my favorite colors: greens, browns, yellows, reds, oranges. Can you feel it’s warmth?
Inside Summer’s Eve, I have painted memories of many a summer sunset enjoyed with old lovers, friends and my husband (not all on the same evening mind you).  I am walking down the beach holding an arm or a hand, crunching shells in the sand, and gazing at the reflections and sparkles as the sun dances on the waves. I imagine myself, in years to come, walking along those same beaches when I’m 105!  I have decided this painting will remain in my private collection. Hopefully, my visitors will enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂

Does my painting inspire you to feel something?
Happy Summer’s Eve to all!


Anjou love
so crisp and sweet
guide my heart
to lips in Crete.

It’s not your shape
I love so dear
yet all your heart
and all you share.

Oh almost pear
how do you see
beyond the trunk of your brown tree?

Please don’t fall
it’s sad you see
I know you’ll bruise
fait accompli.

One more day
and you’ll be sweet
I’ll catch you now
a special treat.

Share with me
your secret true
it’s good your yellow
not so blue.

Copyright 2009 by Rochelle Carr. All rights reserved.

Dr. Nicholas MastI decided to go with Dr. Nicholas Mast as his expertise and specialty was centered around the Anterior Hip Arthroplasty (Anterior Hip Replacement) version of surgery. After all the reading and videos and research I did, this was the option with the least restrictions, least chance of varied leg lengths and the fastest recovery time.

Dr. Mast has a wonderful bedside manner. He is straight and to the point and actually smiles at times in between explaining the scariest procedure I will have ever gone through in my life. There is a LOT to think about in this decision making process. Do you continue living with the pain or do you fix it? What version of the hip replacement surgery do you decide upon? Will you donate your own blood for the procedure? Will you have an epidural or have the general? Will you have blood clots? Will you need crutches? A cane? How long will you be out of work or sitting on a couch? How long will you need care? It is all so daunting and scary!

I am not advising you on any one perfect choice. Follow your own heart and do what is right for you. I am sharing what I did before and after my own surgery and telling you why I believe Dr. Nicholas Mast is a fabulous surgeon, and why it was my personal choice to trust him for my hip replacement. Eventually, I will need the right hip replaced, and I will go back to Dr. Mast wherever he is on the planet. His surgical assistant Kathleen is the most incredible person you will ever meet while helping me process the procedure and my umpteen fears and concerns. The office staff was always warm, welcoming and understanding. Even the x-ray tech at the hospital across the street spoke highly of Dr. Mast – all unsolicited.

The biggest reason I am happy to endorse Dr. Mast’s surgical expertise is this: Six months after my surgery, I sit here in London today (this is my second trip to Europe in three months), and I am writing to you now, after I joyfully spent the last three weeks walking (free of pain) and taking pictures throughout Europe for my new travel blog. I will not lie and tell you that it wasn’t hard, slow, challenging daily work, and I had to give in and allow others to care for me. There is a lot of “LETTING GO” through this multi-month healing process. I will not tell you I did not throw my crutches, use curse words, cry in the shower and just feel generally frustrated. I am not a person who likes to go slow, so this was a very challenging time for me.

Laying in bed and walking around my apartment building was not fun day after day. I used to be a jogger. I used to be a work out queen and junior Olympic volleyball player back in the day. Trust that your body will tell you what to do, only if you listen well. The most important thing for cell regeneration before or after surgery is REST. Always rest your body when it says, “I am tired.”

After surgery I was on pain medication for about four days and then I switched to Tylenol. I bought Natures Gate Vitamin E (roll on – not capsules) to put on my scar right away. The scar scared me at first that 4.5 inches. I could see it loud and clear in the mirror after the bandage was off, and now it’s healed so well and almost just flush with my skin. I think of it as my warrior wound. Someday I will have a matching one on the other side.

I managed the pain with ice bags on and off for probably three weeks. After surgery, the only troublesome thing is that I still have little strange odd pulsing nerve twitches in my legs and around my body. These odd pulsing twitches I’ve never experienced before. Originally, I thought they were from my compression socks, now they just come and go and I am not so worried I will have a blot clot or something. It could also be that sitting and writing for long periods compresses my back and the nerves are busy playing catch up – just not sure about that.

Make sure (before your surgery) there are no construction projects in the recovery wing you will be residing in for two or three days at the hospital. Unfortunately, I had jackhammers pounding in my room by my bed and bathroom after surgery at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. I left with a quickness the day after surgery. Have your hospital advocate/support person ask for the nicer renovated “quietest” room to recover in. When they moved me down the hall two hours before I left, there was a crazy screaming person in handcuffs across the hall. Not good. The other old rooms are ancient and the wall clocks don’t work. It’s difficult to time your meds without working clocks. It’s the only thing about my stay at St. Francis I disliked. Nurses are gentle. Operating room was state of the art with the special Hana table.

Dr. Mast is the number one choice for hip replacement surgery in the USA!

Today, I feel great. I am not limping nor am I in pain in my hip or groin area any longer. After my one month mark I climbed the stairs at Telegraph Hill! I have a physical life with my partner. I was back at the gym and on the bike and treadmill at about 3 months after surgery. I went to Red Hawk Physical Therapy before and after surgery. I do still get stiff, and I still have little tweaks now and then if I step off the curb wrong. I force myself to walk a lot. My right (un-replaced hip) leg is still trying to figure out the stronger (replaced hip) leg balancing act and that will come with time. It’s all about muscle memory. Keep moving!

Any questions please write rochellecarr@me.com. Check out my new travel blog at Urban Backpacker when your body has healed and you are ready to get on the road again – pain FREE!

Thank you Dr. Mast!

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